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Getting the Right Size Leap Gear

November 18, 2018 2 min read

If you are looking for a quick answer, just use the size examples above, and our size chart.

For even more information, read on.

Gymnastics sizing is hard. The industry is all over the place, and an "Adult Large" leotard has no relation is size to a "Large Adult" person. As a company, we have had to decide whether to be true to size, or to match industry leaders.

We decided to stick with gymnastics sizing, and try to match industry leaders. That compromise means our garments run small compared to normal sizing, which is especially true as the sizes get larger. Our Adult Large, for example, will fit someone well that weighs up to about 135 Lb, hardly a large adult.

Our size chart gives an excellent indication of what size to buy, but can sometimes give more than one answer depending on what measurement you use. Always choose the largest size that any measurement yields. We are getting feedback that using the weight measurement is resulting in good fit, which can be very convenient if you are buying for, say, a grand-daughter: just ask Mom how much she weighs.

Earlier I wrote that gymnastics sizing runs small; look at our Adult Medium model above. She is actually wearing an Adult Small, because it photographs better, but we would recommend that most customers her size get an Adult Medium. But she is definitely not a medium size adult; she is a tween with an athletic build who stands at 5'5" tall.

Another thing to consider is that the velvet and jewel items fit just a wee bit tighter than the prints on a tricot. But all of our garments have a lot of spandex and good stretch. The cheapy brands don't. So just consider getting a size up for velvet or items completely covered in shiny foil if you are between sizes.

Our biketards fit the same as our leotards, and our shorts too. So if your size biketard is Adult-X-Small, that's your size for shorts.

Our leggings, however, are sized to industry standards for leggings. Our Adult Medium model for gymnastics wear would wear an X-Small or Small in women's leggings.


Size Charts for Leap Gear Leotards, Biketards, Shorts, and Leggings
Leotards – Biketards – Shorts

Size Chart for Leotard, Biketards and Shorts

Size Girth Waist Hips Ht Wt
3|Child X-Small 39" 20" 21" 3'1" 32 lb
4|Child Small 42" 21" 23" 3'8" 47 lb
6|Child Medium 45" 22" 26" 4'1" 59 lb
8|Child Large 48" 23" 29" 4'5" 72 lb
10|Adult X-Small 50" 24" 30" 4'9" 85 lb
12|Adult Small 53" 25" 32" 5'1" 97 lb
14|Adult Medium 55" 26" 24" 5'3" 110 lb
16|Adult Large 57" 27" 36" 5'5" 126 lb

*Girth is the circumference of the torso. To measure, start a measuring tape at the top of the shoulder, go down the back, between the legs, and back up to the starting point at the top of the shoulder.

Women's Workout Leggings

Our leggings sizing conforms to industry standards for athletic leggings. Our sizing is about the same as Lululemon.

Size Womens' Size Waist Hips
XX-Small 2 23" 33"
X-Small 4 25" 35"
Small 6 27" 37"
Medium 8 29" 39"
Large 10 31" 41"
X-Large 12 33" 43"