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Care Instructions

January 23, 2019 1 min read

How to Care for your Leap Gear

Many Leap Gear garments have special effects like foils that require special care to keep them in good condition. Other garments, labeled Easy Care, can just be thrown in the wash with the rest of the laundry. If you follow these instructions, your Leap Gear should hold up for years to come!

Special Care Garments (with Foil, Glitter, or Holograms)

Foils and holograms will dull and separate with normal washing and drying.


  • Turn inside-out
  • Wash either by hand or on a gentle cycle separate from other items in cold water
  • Use a handful of table salt, or mild detergent such as Free and Clear
  • Hang to dry out of direct sunlight, or tumble-dry on low heat


  • Don't soak
  • Don't use detergents with oxygen or fabric softener
  • Don't use bleach
  • Don't use dryer sheets
  • Don't iron
  • Don't dry clean

Easy Care ("Easy Care" appears in the title or description)

Our Easy-Care line is designed with soft, durable fabrics to make washing simple. Just throw them in with the rest of the laundry! Easy-care garments are the best for kids that are touch sensitive.



Size Charts for Leap Gear Leotards, Biketards, Shorts, and Leggings
Leotards – Biketards – Shorts

Size Chart for Leotard, Biketards and Shorts

Size Girth Waist Hips Ht Wt
3|Child X-Small 39" 20" 21" 3'1" 32 lb
4|Child Small 42" 21" 23" 3'8" 47 lb
6|Child Medium 45" 22" 26" 4'1" 59 lb
8|Child Large 48" 23" 29" 4'5" 72 lb
10|Adult X-Small 50" 24" 30" 4'9" 85 lb
12|Adult Small 53" 25" 32" 5'1" 97 lb
14|Adult Medium 55" 26" 24" 5'3" 110 lb
16|Adult Large 57" 27" 36" 5'5" 126 lb

*Girth is the circumference of the torso. To measure, start a measuring tape at the top of the shoulder, go down the back, between the legs, and back up to the starting point at the top of the shoulder.

Women's Workout Leggings

Our leggings sizing conforms to industry standards for athletic leggings. Our sizing is about the same as Lululemon.

Size Womens' Size Waist Hips
XX-Small 2 23" 33"
X-Small 4 25" 35"
Small 6 27" 37"
Medium 8 29" 39"
Large 10 31" 41"
X-Large 12 33" 43"